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It is Hot and Your Neighbors are in Trouble

by Mike Gordon and Heather Flournoy Our neighbors are in trouble, and we can help. Imagine a heat index of 112 in NYC, humid, and no air conditioning, no fans, no electricity. Last night’s headlines from The Daily Westchester: 20,000 people in NYC without power 1,700 in Westchester as of 10:30 pm Con Edison  is … Continue reading

Recipes to Soothe Flu Symptoms

Be sure to check local events this weekend at the end of this post. These last few weeks various people in my family have suffered from a highly contagious flu with symptoms ranging from high fever, intense sore throat, joint aches, neck pain, swollen glands, cough and severe headache, to nausea, exhaustion and progression to … Continue reading

Living Green in Suburbia and the Role of Social Media in Creating Behavior Change

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the PCTV show “The Homeowner’s Survival Track” hosted by Sol Skolnick. You can watch the video, and read on to get my thoughts on how people living in Suburbia can green their lifestyles in a manageable way, and empower themselves with information, and how you can … Continue reading

A Vision of Change fueled by Memorial Day and the Gulf Oil Spill

Memorial day: to remember those who’ve sacrificed themselves to better the future—our future—that we are destroying. Anna Jade Flournoy Latimer At 3pm on Monday, May 31st, I will honor the dead in my lineage and in your lineage who have died in military service. I will spend some time in  quiet contemplation upon their sacrifice … Continue reading

Don’t Lose the Plot! (The Garden Plot,That Is)

Don’t Lose the Plot! guest blog post by Karla Diamond, Alexander Technique Teacher and Natural Health Consultant The Garden Plot that is. If you have always wanted a garden but don’t have the space here are some local community gardens that offer plots – many of them free of charge or with a minimal fee. … Continue reading

Who is to Blame for the Gulf Oil Spill?

by Heather Flournoy More than 4 million gallons of crude oil have entered the Gulf of Mexico since April 20. We can blame BP, Halliburton, our current administration, and TransOcean, and should be outraged. But it is time to acknowledge our part. WE create demand for that oil. It’s time to make some changes. We … Continue reading

Free Food Movies on Hulu That You Will Want to Share

Remember 8-track tapes? Beta videos? Rotary dial phones? If you do, you are admitting you are my age or older! The delivery of recorded music, movies and tv shows has changed. They are still being produced at record rates, only in new packages. This past week I listened to two new singer-songwriters on WFUV streaming … Continue reading

Our Avatars: Environmental Provocateur J. Henry Fair

After watching the recent film Avatar, I was inspired to write about the people in my life who have inspired and taught me, and numerous others, about the powers of nature and healing and communication. My real-life avatars. Each with an urgent message. This is the story of one of them. I first noticed Henry … Continue reading

Can Facebook and Twitter Help Change Habits that affect the Planet?

If you use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Ning user sites, Meetup, YouTube, Flickr, or are reading this blog post, you are using Social Media, or online sites for social interaction and user-generated media. You can bet that people all over the world are using these sites to promote their philosophies and businesses, and often use … Continue reading

Macro and Raw in Katonah?

Update: March 30th, 2010 02 Living Cafe is now open and in full swing, after being  closed for renovations for a while. If possible, the food is even better than it was before, and the decor is simple and lovely. Chef Tom and his staff are enthusiastic about the food, drink and comraderie in the … Continue reading

Who is Behind the Curtain?

Heather Flournoy is the main author, social media wiz, and community organizer behind KatonahGreen. Hover over the image for more information.

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