This page created in response to a community arts and activism event: “No Fracking Way” in Katonah, NY, March 25th, 2011

Citizen Action to Oppose the Devastation of Our Water Supply

Citizens around the country have begun opposing hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking), which is the process of drilling into shale beds, injecting massive amounts of dangerous and poisonous chemicals, and breaking the shale to release natural gas deposits.

Undisclosed fracking chemicals have caused massive pollution of drinking water, gas releases into people’s sinks, and deposited poisons into streams and rivers. Read more here.



by J Henry Fair in OnEarth Mag

“For those who don’t know, hydro-fracking is a deep drilling technique that enables access to natural gas reserves locked in shale formations a mile or more below the surface by pumping vast quantities of water mixed with a chemical cocktail at extremely high pressure to fracture the rock formation and unlock the natural gas therein.  Permits have been issued for the western Catskills, and drilling has already begun in the adjacent areas of Pennsylvania.  The process uses millions of gallons of water per well, and could easily deplete groundwater and fluvial resources.  And then of course are the pollution issues: these millions of gallons of chemical–laced water are being injected down through the aquifer, and back up again.” Read more…


Heather Flournoy’s weekly curated hydrofracking news. >> The Hydrofracking Weekly

Check it out on Paper.li








NY has imposed a moratorium on fracking until this summer. We need to act now to enforce that beyond June 2011.


Attend the Fracking Day of Action April 11!

NY Legislative Action Information


No Fracking Way Facebook Page

Pledge for Marc Black’s ‘No Fracking Way’ Music Video project


Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Westchester chapter

Katonah Green Meetup group

KatonahGreen article on fracking

Westchester for Change article and Meetup group

Have more? Send it to us editor ‘@’ katonahgreen.com


One thought on “Hydrofracking

  1. We’re up against big money and a well oiled advertising/PR machine. We need imagination, energy and passion to have a chance. Oh…and courage to speak truth to power.
    No Fracking Way

    Posted by marc black | March 26, 2011, 11:19 am

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