These companies are carefully-chosen sponsors of Katonah Green. Thank you for supporting my work!

Maple Ridge Wind Farm, Lowville, NY

Ready to support windpowered electricity production?

Together we can make a difference! Those who sign up for pollution-free wind energy support the development of clean, endless wind energy right here in New York State, Connecticut and New Jersey. That choice means cleaner air, greater energy independence and a more secure energy future for everyone.


CLICK HERE if NYSEG is your electric provider. Click “Sign Up Today”.  Under “How did you hear about us?” choose “friend”  The NYSEG account number is NOT required to enroll online.

CLICK HERE if ConEd is your electric provider. For Westchester Con Ed customers (as well as Orange & Rockland customers which is owned by Con Ed): You will need your 15-digit Con Ed account number to sign up online.  Under “How did you hear about us?” choose “friend”


CLICK HERE if you live in New Jersey. Select New Jersey on the map.  Then choose the correct NJ utility. Click “Sign Up Today”.  Under “How did you hear about us?” have them choose “grassroots”  The NJ account number is NOT required to enroll online.


CLICK HERE if you live in Connecticut. Under “How did you hear about us?” choose “friend”.  The CT account number is NOT required to enroll online.


Ready to install Solar Hot Water and convert your business to Solar?

Rather than relying on polluting fossil fuels, solar electricity is a powerful way to save money while contributing to an environmentally sustainable way of life. In Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Fairfield Counties I recommend contacting these companies for residential solar hot water, or for commercial electric and hot water.  They’ll tell you everything you could possibly want to know about solar installations, state or federal incentives, writing grants for alt energy retrofitting or new building or municipal projects as well as the environmental and long-term value of your project.

Solar hot water, solar electricity production: Commercial and Residential solar solutions. An independent energy consulting and solar integration company, OnForce Solar is committed to providing customers with the smartest, highest-quality and most efficient solar energy systems available. Service  for homeowners and businesses in Tri-state area. Click HERE to get an estimate

OnForce Solar hot water systems provide a reliable source of hot water while substantially reducing your monthly expenses. With a range of options and a one-time investment, solar hot water provides remarkable savings over time and contributes to a greener environment.


Renewable Energy Consulting & Solutions

RenergyCo provides Renewable Energy Consulting & Solutions for Commercial Properties. Services include: Helping clients to understand the economic, performance and production potentials of Solar Power; Solar PV Design Services; Energy Efficiency solutions; & LED Lighting Retrofits.



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  1. The link for Connecticut is not there. I’d like to look into this.

    Posted by barefootquilter | May 15, 2010, 11:51 am
  2. Like your comittment, and love those twitter and facebook buttons.

    Posted by Kevin Shea | July 26, 2010, 5:56 pm


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