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A northern Westchester ‘Sandy’ network

Last year next week we had a major storm that knocked out power around our area, and for some it was quite a struggle. Luckily for me I had a friend with a woodstove, a Prius that we could run power from, a generator, a well-insulated, solid house that didn’t have trees leaning over it. … Continue reading

Four Receive Long Island ‘Sound Guardian Award’ Amid Signs that the Sound Is Improving

Guest blog by writer and environmentalist Tom Andersen. “More locally, reduced levels of pathogens enabled Nassau County to reopen 2,500 acres of shellfish beds in Hempstead Harbor in 2011, for the first time in 40 years. Shellfishing is part of the Sound’s legacy, and safe, sustainable shellfishing should be part of its future.

Improvements like these and others are the work of dozens, if not scores, of committed people and institutions. Four of them were honored this month by the Clean Water/Jobs Coalition, which presented them with its annual Sound Guardian award.” Continue reading

Earth Day Actions with Big Impacts for Northern Westchester

Here are some high impact actions Northern Westchester residents can do to honor Earth Day and to reduce our communities carbon impacts! ADOPT A NEW HABIT: take the train, find out your bus schedule, set up a carpool. Public transportation is not so easy in many of our towns, but with a little research you’ll … Continue reading


Restaurant located in Cold Spring, NY with 5 Acres seeks full-time person to develop a farm to table, farm to market business. Farmer will be responsible for all farm operations and grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. Must be enthusiastic about farming, food, and sustainability. The positions include housing plus a percentage of sales. Please … Continue reading

Notes from the Field

I’m psyched to introduce local friend, nature-lover and writer CJFinch as a Katonah Green blogger. See his bio below. Enjoy! Notes from the Field: Oddities and Observations Though February, it’s already spring in my mind and there seem to be signs of an early spring in our local natural places. Regardless of your position on … Continue reading

No Frackin’ Way

Blog post written by Heather Flournoy and Marc Black I love the when we get to witness the power of art join forces with the power of the people’s message. Right now our water supply is in danger in New York! The danger is the result of Hydro-fracking. Read more about it here, and check … Continue reading

Living Green in Suburbia and the Role of Social Media in Creating Behavior Change

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the PCTV show “The Homeowner’s Survival Track” hosted by Sol Skolnick. You can watch the video, and read on to get my thoughts on how people living in Suburbia can green their lifestyles in a manageable way, and empower themselves with information, and how you can … Continue reading

Don’t Lose the Plot! (The Garden Plot,That Is)

Don’t Lose the Plot! guest blog post by Karla Diamond, Alexander Technique Teacher and Natural Health Consultant The Garden Plot that is. If you have always wanted a garden but don’t have the space here are some local community gardens that offer plots – many of them free of charge or with a minimal fee. … Continue reading

Proud to be Green in Lewisboro Plus Earth Day ’10 Events

I’m getting psyched for this weekend – rain or shine, let’s celebrate Earth Day! I’ve got my hand in several events over the weekend, so thought I’d shout them out! (links below). Without pre-meditation, they happen all to be in South Salem, NY. I am so proud to be a part of the Town of … Continue reading

Northern Westchester Reaches Out to Haiti

I was feeling a bit frantic about my life on Tuesday, until I heard about the earthquakes in Haiti and everything immediately snapped into perspective. I’m lucky. Very lucky to have a home and a healthy child and friends and food and water and even the means to write this note to you! Since then … Continue reading

Who is Behind the Curtain?

Heather Flournoy is the main author, social media wiz, and community organizer behind KatonahGreen. Hover over the image for more information.

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