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Paper, Straws, and Cups!

“Now let’s take a look at another impact on forests: paper, including the smallest items like tissue paper or the wrapper on a drinking straw can lead to the destruction of tropical forests. Environmentalists have long pressured big corporations to change their ways.” –Battling Deforestation In Indonesia, One Firm At A Time Listen to the … Continue reading

Four Receive Long Island ‘Sound Guardian Award’ Amid Signs that the Sound Is Improving

Guest blog by writer and environmentalist Tom Andersen. “More locally, reduced levels of pathogens enabled Nassau County to reopen 2,500 acres of shellfish beds in Hempstead Harbor in 2011, for the first time in 40 years. Shellfishing is part of the Sound’s legacy, and safe, sustainable shellfishing should be part of its future.

Improvements like these and others are the work of dozens, if not scores, of committed people and institutions. Four of them were honored this month by the Clean Water/Jobs Coalition, which presented them with its annual Sound Guardian award.” Continue reading

Our Connection with the Long Island Sound

Guest blog post by writer and environmentalist Tom Andersen Has Long Island Sound fallen out of the public consciousness? To some extent, yes. At least that was the impression of the folks at Save the Sound (a program of the Connecticut Fund for the Environment) and the Long Island Sound Study’s Citizens Advisory Committee. They … Continue reading

No Frackin’ Way

Blog post written by Heather Flournoy and Marc Black I love the when we get to witness the power of art join forces with the power of the people’s message. Right now our water supply is in danger in New York! The danger is the result of Hydro-fracking. Read more about it here, and check … Continue reading

Living Green in Suburbia and the Role of Social Media in Creating Behavior Change

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the PCTV show “The Homeowner’s Survival Track” hosted by Sol Skolnick. You can watch the video, and read on to get my thoughts on how people living in Suburbia can green their lifestyles in a manageable way, and empower themselves with information, and how you can … Continue reading

A Vision of Change fueled by Memorial Day and the Gulf Oil Spill

Memorial day: to remember those who’ve sacrificed themselves to better the future—our future—that we are destroying. Anna Jade Flournoy Latimer At 3pm on Monday, May 31st, I will honor the dead in my lineage and in your lineage who have died in military service. I will spend some time in  quiet contemplation upon their sacrifice … Continue reading

Who is to Blame for the Gulf Oil Spill?

by Heather Flournoy More than 4 million gallons of crude oil have entered the Gulf of Mexico since April 20. We can blame BP, Halliburton, our current administration, and TransOcean, and should be outraged. But it is time to acknowledge our part. WE create demand for that oil. It’s time to make some changes. We … Continue reading

Our Avatars: Environmental Provocateur J. Henry Fair

After watching the recent film Avatar, I was inspired to write about the people in my life who have inspired and taught me, and numerous others, about the powers of nature and healing and communication. My real-life avatars. Each with an urgent message. This is the story of one of them. I first noticed Henry … Continue reading

Local Residents Outraged About Release of Radioactive Steam over Hudson Valley

Two days after the fact, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission learned that an estimated 600,000 gallons of boiling, radioactive water turned to steam and was released over the lower Hudson Valley in November, 2009,  as a result of a malfunction that caused Westchester County’s Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant to be shut down.  Mired in slow … Continue reading

How Gas Drilling in the Catskills Affects Bedford Water Supply

Bedford and other Westchester towns are planning on obtaining water from the Delaware Aqueduct, a water source which is about to be contaminated for the next 1,000 years.  “It is in fact, only an essentially permanent repercussion we’re talking about,“ said Howard Fifer, Katonah resident as we sat talking this morning at Perks coffee shop … Continue reading

Who is Behind the Curtain?

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