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Call for Van Donation

Work Van Needed for Crew: Clearwater are looking for a donation of a used minivan (any make/model) that can seat 7, doors on both sides, with removable or fold down seats, and automatic transmission. Diesel or gasoline engine okay. No need for it to be pretty or come with fancy options. If you are interested in donating … Continue reading

Paper, Straws, and Cups!

“Now let’s take a look at another impact on forests: paper, including the smallest items like tissue paper or the wrapper on a drinking straw can lead to the destruction of tropical forests. Environmentalists have long pressured big corporations to change their ways.” –Battling Deforestation In Indonesia, One Firm At A Time Listen to the … Continue reading

Farmer’s Markets Unite for Sandy Relief!

Two northern Westchester Farmer’s Markets will be collecting donations this Saturday from 9-1, and next Saturday the 17th at Gossett’s Winter Farmer’s Market, 1202 Rte 35 in South Salem, and the Mt. Kisco Winter Farmer’s Market at St. Mark’s Church, 85 East Main Street in Mt. Kisco. Supplies will be gathered at Thornwood Self Storage, … Continue reading

SANDY resource updates for Lewisboro, Katonah, North Salem, Pound Ridge, Ridgefield, Bedford, Somers

Head over to for updates on resources, where to find news, emergency supplies and reader posts. You do not need to be a Facebook user to view these, only to post.

Four Receive Long Island ‘Sound Guardian Award’ Amid Signs that the Sound Is Improving

Guest blog by writer and environmentalist Tom Andersen. “More locally, reduced levels of pathogens enabled Nassau County to reopen 2,500 acres of shellfish beds in Hempstead Harbor in 2011, for the first time in 40 years. Shellfishing is part of the Sound’s legacy, and safe, sustainable shellfishing should be part of its future.

Improvements like these and others are the work of dozens, if not scores, of committed people and institutions. Four of them were honored this month by the Clean Water/Jobs Coalition, which presented them with its annual Sound Guardian award.” Continue reading

Recipes to Soothe Flu Symptoms

Be sure to check local events this weekend at the end of this post. These last few weeks various people in my family have suffered from a highly contagious flu with symptoms ranging from high fever, intense sore throat, joint aches, neck pain, swollen glands, cough and severe headache, to nausea, exhaustion and progression to … Continue reading

Heat Index 103 in Katonah: Tips for Staying Cool in Katonah

Mind your health in the heat today. It’s going to be hot, with an expected heat index of 103 degrees, and nearly as high tomorrow. My 16 year old just went through some heat related illness, gave us a scare, and reminded me that though we usually think protectively of the elderly and babies when … Continue reading

Independence Day Choices and Staycations

This is just a quick blog post today. Since the Gulf Oil Spill began I’ve been seriously reconsidering the structure of my life: where I live, how I shop, how much I need to drive.  For me, this July 4th is the day I want to officially redouble my resolve to become independent from oil. … Continue reading

Chili-Lime Kirby Cuke Salad

I couldn’t wait to share this recipe–it’s crunchy, spicy, satisfying, and far from ‘just a salad’. I made it for lunch today and my finicky daughter loved it and asked me to share the recipe. It’s a seasonal recipe because Kirby cucumbers are abundant right now, and they have the perfect flavor and consistency for … Continue reading

Free Food Movies on Hulu That You Will Want to Share

Remember 8-track tapes? Beta videos? Rotary dial phones? If you do, you are admitting you are my age or older! The delivery of recorded music, movies and tv shows has changed. They are still being produced at record rates, only in new packages. This past week I listened to two new singer-songwriters on WFUV streaming … Continue reading

Who is Behind the Curtain?

Heather Flournoy is the main author, social media wiz, and community organizer behind KatonahGreen. Hover over the image for more information.

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