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Paper, Straws, and Cups!

“Now let’s take a look at another impact on forests: paper, including the smallest items like tissue paper or the wrapper on a drinking straw can lead to the destruction of tropical forests. Environmentalists have long pressured big corporations to change their ways.” –Battling Deforestation In Indonesia, One Firm At A Time Listen to the … Continue reading

Earth Day Actions with Big Impacts for Northern Westchester

Here are some high impact actions Northern Westchester residents can do to honor Earth Day and to reduce our communities carbon impacts! ADOPT A NEW HABIT: take the train, find out your bus schedule, set up a carpool. Public transportation is not so easy in many of our towns, but with a little research you’ll … Continue reading

Change What You Dream

Is it The Earth is Full [Fear] or Technology Can Save the World [Abundance]? This week we had some great discussion around a video I posted from TEDTalks to my Facebook wall–Peter Diamandis’ Abundance is Our Future. I’m a fan of ‘abundance thinking‘  and of the potential of technology and the incredible possibilities of our … Continue reading

It is Hot and Your Neighbors are in Trouble

by Mike Gordon and Heather Flournoy Our neighbors are in trouble, and we can help. Imagine a heat index of 112 in NYC, humid, and no air conditioning, no fans, no electricity. Last night’s headlines from The Daily Westchester: 20,000 people in NYC without power 1,700 in Westchester as of 10:30 pm Con Edison  is … Continue reading

Going Green at Katonah Elementary School

by K.E.S. “Hot Bloggers” and Heather Flournoy Katonah Elementary school has a theme for the year: “Make a Difference.” This means making the school a better place, improving yourself, and among other things, helping the environment by doing things at the school like recycling and reducing the use of materials like paper, says student council … Continue reading

Living Green in Suburbia and the Role of Social Media in Creating Behavior Change

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the PCTV show “The Homeowner’s Survival Track” hosted by Sol Skolnick. You can watch the video, and read on to get my thoughts on how people living in Suburbia can green their lifestyles in a manageable way, and empower themselves with information, and how you can … Continue reading

Behavior Change: Adopt the Repair habit and Go Tag Sale-ing

the repair manifesto
Check out this really great “Repair Manifesto” from Platform 21

Continue reading

Proud to be Green in Lewisboro Plus Earth Day ’10 Events

I’m getting psyched for this weekend – rain or shine, let’s celebrate Earth Day! I’ve got my hand in several events over the weekend, so thought I’d shout them out! (links below). Without pre-meditation, they happen all to be in South Salem, NY. I am so proud to be a part of the Town of … Continue reading

Local Residents Outraged About Release of Radioactive Steam over Hudson Valley

Two days after the fact, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission learned that an estimated 600,000 gallons of boiling, radioactive water turned to steam and was released over the lower Hudson Valley in November, 2009,  as a result of a malfunction that caused Westchester County’s Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant to be shut down.  Mired in slow … Continue reading

Do Something Just a Little Radical for Christmas! Idea #1: Ditch the Wrapping Paper

This evening I had a Skype conference chat with two really creative people I know, Suzanne Rex and Anna Flournoy, who are also motivated to try to save this endangered planet of ours. I suggested we all do something a little radical this Christmas. We’re going to share our ideas over the next 9 days. … Continue reading

Who is Behind the Curtain?

Heather Flournoy is the main author, social media wiz, and community organizer behind KatonahGreen. Hover over the image for more information.

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