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Notes from the Field

I’m psyched to introduce local friend, nature-lover and writer CJFinch as a Katonah Green blogger. See his bio below. Enjoy!

Notes from the Field: Oddities and Observations

Though February, it’s already spring in my mind and there seem to be signs of an early spring in our local natural places. Regardless of your position on global warming, the weather we’ve encountered these past few months has been strange and unusual. The season’s predictions were for another brutally cold and snowy winter but that never happened. I’ve seen pockets of mosquito’s near the highest points of our county with the first appearing early in February and regularly since. I have no recollection of seeing them this early in the year before have you?

Looking back through photo’s taken on my cell phone for a good shot of winter its odd to find that the best winter photo’s were taken in October when all the leaves were still bustling with color. At the time I believed the forecasts of the brutal winter to come.

Sunrise on October 30, 2011 Copyright CJFinch.

But since that first snow in October there was only one other snowstorm late in January that produced enough snow to enjoy a few days of snowshoeing. There was but a few days in early January when I encountered a fully frozen pond but even that was a bit off from seasons past as there was no sign of snow on it. I’m used to frozen ponds, lakes and reservoirs around here typically have snow covering them this time of year.

Mister Finley on Hemlock Lake in North Salem January 5, 2012 Copyright CJFinch

By late January things had melted amongst a few spring-like days and the last of the ice quickly receded. Over that time Mister Finley and I witnessed a beaver family intending to settle in one of our local parks. The claim that beavers are only second to humans when it comes to changing landscapes quickly became evident.

Checking out the beaver family's work on January 27, 2012 Copyright CJFinch

In hindsight it seems the water’s reflection accompanied me more on my walks this winter then the forecaster’s brutally cold and snowy winter that never was. I’m wondering what kind of oddities and interesting things you have noticed and come across in our natural places over the last few months


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One thought on “Notes from the Field

  1. All the while, winter had brutal outbursts in Western Europe end of January, when and where it generally never gets cold and that snowy. Predictions were inaccurate because tools to predict are not yet capable of understanding what is going on, as it is not following any known natural rules. I personally believe that this is because man has played with nature a lot (not in a good sense).

    Posted by Otir | February 25, 2012, 12:56 pm

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