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New Organic Bread Shop And Upcoming Events

Heather Flournoy Drinking Organic, Fair-Trade Americano

Heather Flournoy Drinking An Organic, Fair-Trade Americano at Ross's Bread Shop

If you live in Westchester, it’s worth the drive to Ross’s Bakery in Ridgefield to get fresh, organic bread and awesome coffee. And if you are into bread baking, try to catch a moment with Ross to about how he got started baking and the mystery of working with the live organisms that make bread rise perfectly. The coffee is wonderful, is fair-trade and organic. The breads are 90% organic, meaning that the flour is organic, but not all the other ingredients like olives for the kalamata bread, or nuts for the walnut loaves are organic.

Ross and Valerie Scheidermann have made a great little shop, and I’m glad to see the follow-through on organic and local and eco-friendly practices. The juices in the self-serve cooler are organic, and there is agave and local honey at the coffee amendments bar, and recycled, unbleached napkins. I’m looking forward to seeing more cafe’s go this way!

They  have free wireless, which is not so eco-friendly, but seems to be a necessary evil for bloggers like me! Perhaps humanity will soon come up with a  way of communicating that doesn’t pose the health and environmental risks of wireless technology.

Ross’s is in Copps Hill Plaza at 109 Danbury Rd., Ridgefield, CT

fresh-from-the-oven bread

Ross with fresh-from-the-oven bread

While you are there, stop in at Ironwood Gallery to see some fantastic art and high-end crafts by local artists, and pick up some produce at Ridgefield Organics, the fresh vegetable and fruit shop next door to Ross’s. Ridgefield Organics usually has a nice selection of organic produce, though you need to look through and really check to see what is and isn’t organic.

For those of you who don’t eat wheat or gluten, you won’t find a bread here to eat, but I suspect if we keep asking that Ross will start making one. So ask him!


Thank you to everyone who came to the Katonah Eat-In! We had over 50 people and enjoyed some delicious, local foods, and had the opportunity to talk with everyone about the importance of healthy school lunches. Here are some pictures of the event and the drawings made by the great young people who attended:



Check out the upcoming Katonah Green and Beyond Meetup to EcoFest, Oct 4th

Find me every weekend at Gossetts Farm Market from 11-1 at the Katonah Green Chef Demonstration Series!

About Heather Flournoy

I am a writer, social media connoisseur, environmentalist and professional marketer. My personal blog is and my professional website is I love people's stories, and a passionate cultivator of connections, both for myself and helping others to connect. Tell me who you are, what your story is, and I'll tell you who you should talk to. In my own view, I know some of the most interesting, colorful and profound people in the world. You know who you are. Besides all the above, I am proud to say I am a working class single mother who raised a beautiful daughter. I connect deeply with animals, especially horses. I love music, coffee shops, farmer's markets, growing my own food, sustainable agriculture, broad thinkers, the healing arts, and dive diners.


One thought on “New Organic Bread Shop And Upcoming Events

  1. WOW! I am salivating reading about Ross Bread. Looks amazing. As a Holistic Health Counselor and Whole Foods Cook, I love reading about this! I now make bread with kamut grains and agave for my clients. YUM!!
    thank you,

    Posted by Stephanie Filardi | September 23, 2009, 7:15 pm

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