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Katonah Green Co-Gardening Project

Eco Community Building Projects for Northern Westchester/Southern Putnam

I want you! Yes, I want your feedback, ideas and most of all I want your participation. Let’s start some environmentally conscious community projects. We can start small and see where it goes from there. You with me? Let’s start by getting down and dirty!

Katonah Green Co-Gardening Project

If you have space in your garden to share, or space you’d like developed into a garden or planted with fruit trees, send me an email describing the space, your resources such as gardening equipment, water, fencing, plants and seeds; the history of the space like when/if it was last sprayed with any chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, and previous land use; and your vision for the garden whether that is to experience growing your own food, to turn your land into something productive, or to grow fresh organic food to share with the Katonah Community Center.

If you have a yearning for digging in the soil, but don’t own a plot of land, send me an email describing how much time you have to dedicate to a garden project, your resources such as gardening tools, a truck, or money to donate for plants/seeds/fencing; your growing and gardening experience; and your vision. A co-gardeners vision could be to save money on organic foods, to get in touch with the land and food, or to encourage and support local agriculture with their enthusiasm and knowledge.

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About Heather Flournoy

I am a writer, social media connoisseur, environmentalist and professional marketer. My personal blog is and my professional website is I love people's stories, and a passionate cultivator of connections, both for myself and helping others to connect. Tell me who you are, what your story is, and I'll tell you who you should talk to. In my own view, I know some of the most interesting, colorful and profound people in the world. You know who you are. Besides all the above, I am proud to say I am a working class single mother who raised a beautiful daughter. I connect deeply with animals, especially horses. I love music, coffee shops, farmer's markets, growing my own food, sustainable agriculture, broad thinkers, the healing arts, and dive diners.


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